ECBPC 2014 3v3 Tournament


East Coast Beer Pong
East Coast Beer Pong


Miami Mike's Sports Zone
130 Route 10 West
East Hanover, NJ 07936
(973) 887-1300
Miami Mike's Sports Zone
Miami Mike's Sports Zone


11/8/2014 6:00:00 PM
11/9/2014 3:00:00 AM




Team Format


Payment Methods


Event Details

When: Saturday, November 8th, 2014
Sign-Ups/Sign-Ins: 6pm
Play Begins: 7pm
Where: Miami Mike's
East Hanover, NJ

Prizes TBD


Teams of 3 players
Random Seeding
BPong Equipment
Double Elimination Bracket

This tournament has the following restriction:

1. All teams must have at least one female.

Rules for 3v3 game play are as follows:
Flip for balls or side. Choice is either first ball or the next 3.
15 cups per side.
Re-Racks at 10, 6, 3, 1
Each team shoots 3 balls per turn 
If all 3 shots are made, team receives 1 rollback shot
Rebuttal and Game ending situations will be determined by the amount of shots taken to make the last cup.
Overtime will be 3 cups.
Girls must take all rollback shots

Beer: Beer specials during the tournament

$30.00 per person (teams of 3)


Contact: The coordinators for this tournament are Garrett and Mike.
Please email them with any questions or comments.

Registered Teams

2 Drunks and a Russian
           Brad W. (NJ)
           Theodore V. (NJ)
           Masha L. (NJ)
Table for 3
           Paul I. (NY)
           Jessica P. (NY)
           Jason R. (NY)
Beer Guts and Baby Bump
           Eric K. (PA)
           Billy W. (PA)
           Trisha N. (PA)
We Bang Big in Theory
           Zack G. (VA)
           Andressa W. (MD)
           Chris K. (FL)
Do It For Olaf!
           Chuck M. (NJ)
           Danielle A. (NJ)
           Brian B. (NJ)
The BoogaWoofs
           Nick T. (NY)
           Leonardo F. (NY)
           Jessica H. (NY)
Road Dog Warriors
           David K. (NJ)
           Alex K. (PA)
           Megan S. (PA)
Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man
           Jason M. (NJ)
           Steve T. (NJ)
           Holly J. (NJ)
Some of us have balls
           Lou M. (NC)
           Jason C. (NY)
           Tania H. (PA)
Super Smash Bros & Peach
           Aj R. (VA)
           Jeremy 'Joker' Hansen (VA)
           Kirsti D. (VA)
           Michael P. (NY)
           Brandon M. (AZ)
           Brandi W. (NV)
It's momma's world! We're just playing in it!
           Mark P. (VA)
           Kevin K. (PA)
           Vanessa R. (VA)
Reckless Pocket's Red Rocket
           Keith M. (PA)
           Bryce T. (VA)
           Jessica C. (VA)
           Tyler B. (NJ)
           Mike H. (NJ)
           Amber G. (NJ)
Trying this again no shopping carts
           Wayne H. (NJ)
           Michael B. (NJ)
           Kelly D. (NJ)
2000 Miles on I-95
           Cody R. (CAN)
           Brendan S. (NJ)
           Amy B. (NJ)
He Brings Home The Meat
           Ross H. (IL)
           Chris V. (MO)
           Breena S. (MO)
           Coy W. (MD)
           Eric S. (MD)
           Meghan E. (MD)
Turn Down For What
           Joseph G. (NY)
           Nicole Z. (NJ)
           Sean D. (NY)
Spanish people you need your white friends!
           Rob D. (AR)
           David T. (TX)
           Brittany Z. (TX)
Beauty And The Goons
           GSP (NJ)
           Tyler W. (NJ)
           Heather G. (NJ)
Anal Raping Dante's Rooster
           Ryan R. (PA)
           Janel N. (PA)
           Dante Y. (CA)
Escaping from the Looney Bin
           Tricia S. (NY)
           Victor R. (NY)
           Christopher A. (NY)
Veni Vidi Vici
           Dave P. (NY)
           Jessica G. (NJ)
           Troy T. (PA)
Multiple Scorgasms
           Tyler B. (TX)
           Momo M. (VA)
           Elizabeth K. (NC)
           David Z. (CT)
           Chris O. (NY)
           Erin G. (CT)
           Hunter K. (VA)
           Roxanne L. (CA)
           Zach M. (VA)
Uh oh Oreo
           Joey A. (VA)
           Brent H. (VA)
           Jasmine R. (VA)
Not As Good As Advertised
           Veronica C. (NJ)
           Andrew P. (NJ)
           Rich P. (MA)
losers buy shots
           Rachel G. (NJ)
You know us now
           Heather M. (NJ)
           Chris C. (NJ)
           Connor M. (NJ)
Did someone Pop a Jenk in my Campbell's?
           Drew C. (NJ)
           Jess P. (NJ)
           Chris J. (VA)
Oh wow
           Pat M. (NY)
get em
           Andre M. (VA)
Stallion Life
           Eric H. (NY)
           Kevin S. (NY)
           Lindsey N. (NJ)
Takes 3 to Tango
           Dane S. (PA)
           Gregory F. (NJ)
           Courtney L. (VA)
Kicking Pigeons
           Joseph R. (NJ)
           Meg W. (NJ)
           Rich G. (NY)
Can't Touch This
           Alex K. (PA)
           Holly C. (PA)
           Ross W. (PA)
Brandon LaFell or GTFO
           Eric E. (MA)
           Stacy Van Why (PA)
           Tony R. (MA)
Three Studs
           Joe M. (NJ)
           Brett H. (NJ)
           Nicole R. (NJ)
           Natasha V. (MD)
           Jay R. (MD)
           Jake T. (VA)
           Chuck G. (NJ)
           Mike P. (NJ)
           Jennifer V. (NJ)
Thots and Shots
           Adam R. (VA)
           Brianna P. (VA)
           Ethan F. (VA)
South Shore Shooters
           Jared B. (MA)
           Chris C. (MA)
           Kelli M. (MA)
So many Jimmy's gets Michael Pop excited
           Brooke Keeler (PA)
           Jimmy G. (NJ)
           Andrew S. (PA)
Cmass Smash
           Doug S. (MA)
           Nate S. (MA)
Fap Fap Schwooooop!
           Michael S. (PA)
           Renie O. (PA)
           Taylor O. (PA)
The Golden Rule
           Ted W. (VA)
           Robbie E. (MD)
           Carrie K. (MD)
Banana Hammocks
           Meaghan G. (MA)
           Cameron J. (TX)
           Casey C. (CA)
           Brandi H. (PA)
           Michael K. (NJ)
           Craig S. (CA)
           Shane S. (MA)
           Kristen C. (MA)
           Paul T. (MA)
Plan B
           Chelsie R. (NJ)
Family First
           Daniel F. (MD)
           Becca F. (MD)
           Molly B. (MD)
Secret weapon X's & O's
           Chrissy J. (NJ)
           Leonard O. (CT)
Don't start nuttin won't be nuttin
           Joseph P. (NJ)
           Danica K. (NJ)
           Gary B. (NJ)
Buzzed on Boobs
           Eric N. (PA)
           Nick B. (PA)
           Rachael R. (NJ)
Schwaptastic Taco Killers
           Jason C. (PA)
           Brian P. (PA)
           Caitlin K. (PA)