Official Rules

We realize that there are hundreds of sets of rules for beer pong depending on where you play. An attempt was made to consider all rules known to us and to pick a standard set common to as many people as possible. Although no one set of rules is perfect, the rules outlined below are compatible with most people's game. We appreciate a location's "house rules" but we wish to keep a standard set of rules for fairness so that everyone can enjoy the game of beer pong. The rules that ECBP plays by are in line with the rules of every other major beer pong organization in the world including the World Series of Beer Pong. That being said, here are the rules...


  1. Drinking: The drinking of beer is completely optional. Please drink responsibly.
  2. Shooting: A team must shoot both balls before the other team shoots and one ball per person.
  3. Field of Play: A shot is considered live from the moment it is shot past the mid-table mark until it goes out of play. A ball leaves the field of play by either: a.) entering a cup b.) controlled by a defending player c.) ricocheting off of a wall or other permanent manmade structure d.) being touch by a person not involved in the game.
  4. Cups The cups will be of one uniform type for both sides. Cups must be filled with approximately 4 oz of liquid. The game begins with a 10-cup equilateral triangle formation (in some tournaments the consolation bracket may use 6 cups). The base of the triangle must be within 1 inch of the table edge. All cups should rest flat on the table without tilting. When cups are removed from play the remaining cups should remain in their position in the rack.
  5. Leaning: Leaning while shooting is permitted. There is no "elbow rule". A player may not use the table as leverage with their non-shooting hand.
  6. Bring-backs: When a team hits both of its shots they receive one bonus shot known as a "bring-back". If a cup is knocked over by a shot, this counts toward a bring-back, regardless of whether the ball remains in the cup. If a cup is removed for a reason other than a shot, this does not count toward a bring-back. Either player may shoot the bonus shot.
  7. First Possession: The team that chooses first possession is determined via coin flip or by any other method agreed upon by both teams. The team designated to choose first possession may choose to either: a.) select which team will have the first shot b.) select the side of table each team will play from.
  8. First Shot: The team designated to shoot first will shoot one single shot. Regardless of the outcome of that shot, the opposing team will begin normal game play.
  9. Hitting Cups: When a live ball is shot into a cup such that the ball comes to rest inside it, that cup is removed from play. It is the responsibility of the shooting team to verify that their made cups are removed from play.
  10. Re-racks: A re-rack occurs when the number of cups remaining in play reach 6 cups, 3 cups, or 1 cup remaining. Cups are placed only in a equilateral triangle formation. Re-racks occur regardless of turn. Teams are not permitted until re-racks are completed and such shots will be forfeited.
  11. Out-of-formation Cups: Cups that are out of the correct formation will be fixed upon request of either team. Before someone moves any cups, both teams must acknowledge that the cups will be moved. Neither team may shoot until the cups are reformed.
  12. Fallen Cups: Cups that fall over so that a.) the rim touches the table, b.) the cup falls off the table to the floor, or c.) the cup tips over such that a majority of its beer spills, either by a legitimate shot or by fault of the player(s), are counted removed from play. Cups which fall over from other means are returned into play. The final cup is not an exception to this rule. A cup can be caught before it falls and returned into play.
  13. Rebuttals: When a team's final cup has been hit, that team will shoot rebuttal shots. If the rebutting team hits all of the opposing team's cups, the game will enter overtime. Rebuttals are taken using the following order based on the state of the game when the last cup is hit by the opposing team:
    1. Opposing team has three cups remaining - rebutting team will receive one rebuttal shot per player, alternating shots. The final rebuttal may be shot by either player.
    2. Opposing team has multiple cups remaining - rebutting team will take alternating shots until one player misses.
    3. Rebutting team had one cup remaining and opposing team hit last cup with one shot - rebutting team will receive one rebuttal shot attempted by either player.
    4. Rebutting team had one cup remaining and opposing team hit last cup with multiple shots - rebutting team will receive one rebuttal shot attempted by each player.
  14. Overtime: Overtime will be three cup triangles on each side. The team who hit the last cup first will go first and will receive both balls. There is no limit to the number of overtimes in a single game.
  15. Defense: A defending player may only make contact with the opposing shot after the ball has touched a cup or has crossed the vertical plane of the table edge. A defending player may not touch the cups until the opposing shot is out of play. There is no blowing, 'fingering', or otherwise interfering with a ball while it is still in play.
  16. Interference: Cups or balls shot that are touched by the opposing player(s) while the shot is still live result in a penalty of one cup per shot. If the player interferes with a cup, that cup is removed. If the player interferes with a shot, the opposing team may choose which cup is removed.
  17. Distraction: A team may do whatever they feel necessary to prevent the opposing team from making shots except: a.) crossing to the other team's side of the table b.) physically interfering with the opposing teams shot/cup c.) crossing the vertical planes of the table.
  18. Officiating: The tournament coordinators have the final say in disputes. Unsportsmanlike behavior will be dealt with in a case by case basis. Any team with sufficient disregard for the game or the people around them will forfeit their spot in the tournament. If either player is asked to leave the hosting establishment by the staff, the team will forfeit their spot in the tournament. Players that engage in a physical altercation with another person will receive a 4 week suspension with second time offenders receive a life time ban.
  19. Equipment: The official table is 8 feet long and 27.5 inches high. The official balls are 3-star, seamless, 40 mm size ping pong balls. The preferred cups are BPONG (white plastic, 16 ounces) although cup type is not guaranteed.
  20. Gambling: Gambling is strictly prohibited during our events. This is including but not limited to betting money on the outcome of matches or wagering on individual shots. Teams caught gambling will be removed from the tournament and will receive a 3 tournament suspension.
  21. Teammates: Teams are not allowed to substitute players during a tournament.


Last updated 5/19/11