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Mississippi Fuck Buster
Mississippi Fuck Buster
Jessica Carrington
Reckless Pocket's Red Rocket
The Bouncing Buddahs
The Bouncing Buddahs
Let Daddy Burry Em


Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
11/7/2014 East Coast Beer Pong Championships V Coed 6v6 Mississippi Fuck Buster 0 - 0
11/8/2014 ECBPC 2014 3v3 Tournament Reckless Pocket's Red Rocket 0 - 0
11/7/2014 ECBPC 2014 Women's 1v1 Tournament Jessica Carrington 0 - 0
4/24/2015 Beast of the East 2015 (Womens) The Bouncing Buddahs 4 - 17
4/25/2015 Beast of the East 2015 Coed 3v3 Tournament Side Event Let Daddy Burry Em 0 - 0

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
4/24/2015 Beast of the East 2015 (Womens) 1 6 -13
Partner Opponents W/L
Shelley S. Jessica P. and Laura M. W (2 Cups)
Sabrina B. Danielle G. and Kristen C. L (-1 Cups)
Shelley S. Erica F. and Dana W. L (-1 Cups)
Alexandra C. Jess P. and Danica K. L (-2 Cups)
Kate H. Kayla R. and Amy K. L (-4 Cups)
Jacii H. Courtney Z. and Courtney M. L (-2 Cups)
Sabrina B. Jennifer V. and Megan O. L (-5 Cups)