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The Knuckleheads
The Knuckleheads
Road Dog Warriors
Road Dog Warriors


Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
11/7/2014 East Coast Beer Pong Championships V Coed 6v6 The Knuckleheads 0 - 0
11/8/2014 ECBPC 2014 3v3 Tournament Road Dog Warriors 0 - 0
4/24/2015 Beast of the East 2015 Executioners 17 - 18

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
4/24/2015 Beast of the East 2015 4 3 4
Partner Opponents W/L
Chris N. Matt Z. and Darin S. W (7 Cups)
Richard F. Roger O. and Matthew S. W (5 Cups)
Edgar A. Chris G. and John F. W (1 Cups)
Edwin T. William G. and Jared J. W (5 Cups)
Marc C. Chris M. and TJ R. L (-5 Cups)
Luis A. Miguel S. and John H. L (-7 Cups)
Kyler G. Tim S. and Miguel M. L (-2 Cups)