East Coast Beer Pong Championships 2012(3)


East Coast Beer Pong
East Coast Beer Pong


Miami Mike's Sports Zone
130 Route 10 West
East Hanover, NJ 07936
(973) 887-1300
Miami Mike's Sports Zone
Miami Mike's Sports Zone


2/9/2013 9:00:00 AM
2/10/2013 8:00:00 PM




Team Format


Payment Methods


Event Details

When: Friday, February 8th, 2013: Side event TBD starting at 8pm

Saturday, February 9th, 2013: 
10am: Captain's meeting for squads
10am: Sign-ins for 2v2 main event
10:30am: Sign-ins for Squad main event
11am: 2v2 Prelims
3pm: Squad Prelims
9pm: Side event TBD

Sunday, February 10th, 2013:
10am: Check-ins
11am: 2v2 Bracket Play
2pm: Squad Bracket Play
Where: Miami Mike's Sports Zone in East Hanover, NJ
130 Route 10 West, East Hanover, NJ 07936

**********************Rooms are reserved for the 2nd-4th******************
**************************The rate is $90 per night***********************
When booking, please call the Ramada 973-386-5622 and say you are with beer pong

**Hotel is not included with entry and is $90 per night for up to quad occupancy. You must call the Ramada Inn in East Hanover, NJ and tell them you are will beer pong to get the group rate. There are only 55 rooms blocked off for our group at that discounted rate so it is first come, first serve.
Payouts: Up to 89 teams - $5,000 pot guaranteed
90+ - $6,000 pot guaranteed
105+ - $7,000 pot guaranteed
120+ - $8,000 pot guaranteed
135+ - $9,000 pot guaranteed
150+ - $10,000 pot guaranteed

Top 8 teams paid out - amounts TBD
Rules: WSOBP Rules and Equipment (cups, balls, tables, racks)

- 7 Prelim rounds
- Top 32 teams make Day 2 

Day 2 Format:

The field will be split into 4 pods of 8 teams with prelim seeds 1-4 earning the top seed in their respective pods.

Each pod will be a double elimination bracket leaving us with 4 teams.

Final 4:

Semi finals best of 3

Winner of pod 1 vs winner of pod 4

Winner of pod 2 vs winner of pod 3


Winners of the above games play best of 3 to determine champion.

Beer: Beer specials during the tournament

Early Registration - Sign-up by Sunday, September 16th:
$150 per team of two guys
$125 per coed team
$100 per all-girl team

Sign-up after September 16th:
$200 per team of two guys
$175 per coed team
$150 per all-girl team

Due to the change of date, sign-ups are being re-opened.

Sign-up by December 9, 2012:

$200 per team of two guys
$175 per coed team
$150 per all-girl team

Sign-up after December 9, 2012:

$220 per team of two guys
$195 per coed team
$170 per all-girl team

Sign-ups will be closed on January 20, 2013 at 11:59pm EST.

If you pay online, the paypal fees will be built into the cost. To avoid paying these fees, you can still register online and then pay for your entry via Paypal Gift, Cash, or Check.


There are qualifiers for this event. If you are interested in running a qualifier, please contact Garrett or Mike for more info. 

Winners of qualifiers receive team entry into the 2v2 main event AND HOTEL STAY for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday)!!!

Once you win a qualifier, you are not eligible to play in another. This is a ONE AND DONE policy.

Contact: The coordinators for this tournament are Garrett and Mike.
Please email them with any questions or comments.

Prelim Results

Team Prelim Results

Playoff Results

Team Playoff Results

Registered Teams

Beginners Luck
           Nick B. (NY)
           Christopher P. (NY)
I Can't Be Your Superman
           Shannon T. (MD)
           Lauren M. (MD)
Wildcat Offense
           Ty P. (MD)
           Justin M. (MD)
           Greg P. (MD)
           Bill T. (MD)
Friends Without Benefits
           Kerry K. (MD)
           Matthew R. (MD)
Insert Team Name Here
           Anthony L. (MD)
           Armando D. (MD)
Team Penguin
           Joe M. (NJ)
           Brian M. (NY)
T & A
           Ted W. (VA)
           Andressa W. (MD)
Our Boyfriends R Better Than U
           Sarah L. (NY)
           Jaclyn C. (NY)
Stop staring at our re-racks!
           Chelsie D. (NJ)
           Kelly D. (NJ)
Team Sexy
           James T. (NY)
           Chris G. (NY)
           Michael P. (NY)
           Jon B. (NY)
Bullshit Women
           Heather W. (NJ)
           Alexis B. (NJ)
           Jeff G. (MD)
           Matt D. (MD)
           Billy W. (PA)
           Carlo T. (PA)
Back With a Vengence
           Joseph G. (NY)
           Nick M. (NY)
           Greg D. (MA)
           Calvin W. (MA)
           Eric E. (MA)
           Joshua R. (MA)
KodaK MoMenT
           Chris K. (GA)
           Kyle W. (NJ)
Best of The Best
           Ricky P. (NY)
           Ross H. (IL)
           Josh S. (VA)
           Chip B. (VA)
           David E. (MA)
           Doug S. (MA)
Mostly For The OJ
           Matt W. (IL)
           Chris V. (MO)
Snooki & JWow
           Deep C. (NJ)
           Vince C. (NJ)
Sunnyvale Shidiots
           Maurice J. (NY)
           Chris B. (NY)
           Cameron J. (TX)
           Trevor B. (NY)
Alaskan Snow Dragons
           Mike T. (VA)
           Bryce T. (VA)
           Kevin K. (PA)
           Brandon M. (AZ)
The Douchers
           Adam 'Dew Itt!' DeWitt (NJ)
           Patrick V. (NJ)
Scared of Who?!
           Mark C. (NJ)
           Thomas T. (NJ)
Puss 'N Pong
           Chris J. (VA)
           Brent H. (VA)
Here for the Vacation
           Nick S. (MO)
           Kevin K. (MO)
What Happens In Jersey Stays In Jersey
           Shane Hall (MA)
           Paul C. (MA)
           Dan D. (MA)
           Chris E. (MA)
Heights Boyz
           Ross W. (PA)
           Scott K. (PA)
Miles to Knoxville
           Eric K. (PA)
           Keith M. (PA)
           Jeremy S. (MD)
           Lou M. (NC)
Ballz, Ink.
           Shelley J. (NY)
           Christina S. (NY)
I Put That Shit On Everything
           Cody 'O'Canada' Ryan (VA)
           Philippe R. (CAN)
Blunts, Bitches, and Bath Salts
           Allie S. (FL)
           Ben J. (VA)
We'll Cup Your Balls
           Brandi B. (FL)
           Angela T. (NJ)
Were Here on Business
           Rob B. (NJ)
           Gary B. (NJ)
           Chuck G. (NJ)
           Joseph R. (NJ)
CMass Smash
           Anthony K. (MA)
           Arthur S. (MA)
Fuck Me, I'm Famous
           Justin K. (VA)
           Brian R. (MD)
My Team's Better
           Doug H. (NJ)
           Tim S. (NJ)
Lady Boom
           Holly C. (PA)
           Lisa M. (PA)
Beautifully Hated
           Chris G. (PA)
           Danielle C. (MD)
           Thomas R. (VA)
           Kris F. (NJ)
Balls Deep
           Matt D. (MA)
           Mike J. (MA)
Scrub City Studs
           John M. (NJ)
           Chuck M. (NJ)
Gettin Jimmered
           Kevin A. (NJ)
           Rich M. (NJ)
She Said She was 18
           James R. (NY)
           Shane S. (MA)
Zero Class Elite
           Carl A. (CT)
           Zak Y. (CT)
Splash House
           Joey P. (MD)
           Tyler H. (NM)
The Cats Pajamas
           Zack G. (VA)
           Mark P. (VA)
Thunder Cats
           Stephen C. (NJ)
           Joe C. (NJ)
           Jake T. (VA)
           Kyle W. (VA)
           Chris A. (NY)
           Chris M. (MA)
Caring is Sharing
           Meaghan G. (MA)
           Danielle G. (MA)
Honey Nut Cheerios
           John F. (NY)
           Pete R. (NY)
           GSP (NJ)
           Dave P. (NY)
Ball So Hard
           Earl S. (MD)
           Bunky W. (MD)
Throwing Sticky
           Bart W. (NY)
           Steve H. (NY)
Wasted Talent
           Andre M. (VA)
           Adam M. (MD)
Bomb Squad
           David Z. (CT)
           Nick M. (CT)
Ballin' Your Eyes Out
           Elizabeth C. (CT)
           Juana A. (NY)
           Joe D. (MA)
           Dave G. (MA)
           Dan A. (NY)
           Rich P. (MA)
Dead Money
           Jason M. (NJ)
           Michael B. (NJ)
Get Wrecked
           Rich G. (NY)
           Sean D. (NY)
Pong Don't Lie
           Mike H. (NY)
           Chris R. (NY)
Fireball Faded
           Breena S. (TX)
           Nicole E. (IL)
Table Heist
           Tom C. (PA)
           Bryan D. (MD)
Crusin' Foxy
           Leonard O. (CT)
           Paul T. (MA)
Grind Time
           Chris M. (MD)
           Ryan C. (MD)
Tyler and Rob
           Rob D. (AR)
           Tyler D. (TN)
Birthday Shots
           Michael L. (CT)
           Jessica M. (MA)
CMASS or Die
           Brett D. (MA)
           Tony R. (MA)
The Ladybugz
           Christine M. (NY)
           Dyanna W. (NY)