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New World Order (NY)
Six Ways to Sunday
Sunnyvale Shidiots
Sunnyvale Shidiots
International Empire
Aces and Eights
International Empire


Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
2/9/2013 East Coast Beer Pong Championships 2012(3) Sunnyvale Shidiots 5 - 5
5/3/2013 Beast of the East 2013 International Empire 26 - 9
11/2/2013 East Coast Beer Pong Championships IV Aces and Eights 0 - 0
4/11/2014 Beast of the East 2014 International Empire 27 - 8

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
4/28/2012 Beast of the East 2012 4 3 5
Partner Opponents W/L
James T. Greg P. and Kyle A. W (1 Cups)
Andre P. Dave G. and Chris M. W (5 Cups)
Dave P. Eric K. and Ross W. W (2 Cups)
Josh D. Jim R. and Dean K. W (2 Cups)
Pete R. Rich P. and Tim S. L (-1 Cups)
Steve H. Danny O. and Jason D. L (-3 Cups)
John F. Curt J. and Austin B. L (-1 Cups)
5/3/2013 Beast of the East 2013 5 2 3
Partner Opponents W/L
Daniel K. Nick N. and Cory D. W (3 Cups)
Moses w. Barbara S. and Robert H. W (1 Cups)
Mike J. Eddie H. and Adam D. W (1 Cups)
Cody R. Nick M. and Michael L. W (1 Cups)
Philippe R. Brian W. and Glen P. W (2 Cups)
Mike H. Bart W. and Josh S. L (-2 Cups)
Paul K. Hayward E. and William B. L (-3 Cups)
4/11/2014 Beast of the East 2014 4 3 -2
Partner Opponents W/L
Cody R. Bert K. and Brian W. W (1 Cups)
Chris G. Alex K. and Adam W. W (3 Cups)
Mathieu L. James S. and Justin S. W (1 Cups)
Philippe R. Patrick V. and GSP W (3 Cups)
Marc M. Christopher S. and Bryan F. L (-2 Cups)
Maurice J. Brian B. and Chris C. L (-1 Cups)
Jason C. Jared B. and Jared W. L (-7 Cups)