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Ball So Hard
Super Splash Bros.
Super Splash Bros.
Nasty Time
Maryland Reunited


Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
2/9/2013 East Coast Beer Pong Championships 2012(3) Ball So Hard 4 - 3
4/11/2014 Beast of the East 2014 Super Splash Bros. 20 - 15
4/24/2015 Beast of the East 2015 2v2 $3k Kickoff Tournament Side Event Nasty Time 0 - 0
4/25/2015 Beast of the East 2015 Coed 3v3 Tournament Side Event TBD 0 - 0
11/4/2016 Beast of the East 2016 Maryland Reunited 11 - 24

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
4/11/2014 Beast of the East 2014 4 3 7
Partner Opponents W/L
Tom C. Doug M. and Otis A. W (2 Cups)
Justin R. Mark M. and Greg D. W (4 Cups)
Deryck W. David A. and Eric N. W (6 Cups)
Ty P. Mike I. and Josh S. W (2 Cups)
Nick N. Gary B. and Joseph R. L (-2 Cups)
Justin K. Eric E. and Paul T. L (-3 Cups)
Steph B. Jake T. and Joey A. L (-2 Cups)
11/4/2016 Beast of the East 2016 2 5 -9
Partner Opponents W/L
Dean K. Marc C. and Wayne H. W (1 Cups)
Randy S. Matt R. and Bill T. W (1 Cups)
Jeff B. Deep C. and Matt K. L (-3 Cups)
Ata E. Mike Vit and Rob B. L (-1 Cups)
John P. Ethan F. and Aries Z. L (-4 Cups)
Alex D. Jaquis N. and Sean S. L (-2 Cups)
Bryan D. Jeff G. and Chris M. L (-1 Cups)