East Coast Beer Pong Championships IV Coed 6v6


East Coast Beer Pong
East Coast Beer Pong


Miami Mike's Sports Zone
130 Route 10 West
East Hanover, NJ 07936
(973) 887-1300
Miami Mike's Sports Zone
Miami Mike's Sports Zone


11/2/2013 8:00:00 AM
11/3/2013 9:00:00 PM




Team Format


Payment Methods


Event Details


Friday, November 1st:
5pm: Sign-ins for 2v2 and 6v6 Open
7pm: Sign-ins/Sign-ups for 1v1 Men's and Women's Side Events
8pm: Start Time for 1v1 Men's and Women's Side Events

Saturday, November 2nd: 
10am: Captain's meeting for squads
10am: Sign-ins for 2v2 main event and 6v6 Squad main event
11am: 2v2 Prelims
2pm: Squad Prelims
6pm: 3v3 Coed Side Event

Sunday, November 3rd:
10am: Check-ins
11am: 2v2 Bracket Play
2pm: Squad Bracket Play

Where: Miami Mike's Sports Zone in East Hanover, NJ
130 Route 10 West, East Hanover, NJ 07936

**********************Rooms are reserved for the 1st-3rd******************
**************************The rate is $__ per night***********************
When booking, please call the Ramada 973-386-5622 and say you are with east coast beer pong

**Hotel is not included with entry and is $__ per night for up to quad occupancy. You must call the Ramada Inn in East Hanover, NJ and tell them you are with east coast beer pong to get the group rate. There are only 55 rooms blocked off for our group at that discounted rate so it is first come, first serve.
Prizes: TBD based on number of sqauds
Rules: WSOBP Rules and Equipment (cups, balls, tables, racks)

- Coed squads of 6 (4 guys and 2 girls)
- Each squad must have at least 2 girls

- Squads have 2 options for selecting players from the restricted list:

Option 1 - Maximum of 2 Restricted Males and 1 Restricted Female per squad


Option 2 - Maximum of 1 Restricted Male and 2 Restricted Females per squad

- There are no state or regional restrictions for the squad event.

- 7 prelim rounds for the squad event
- Top 16 squads make day 2 to compete in bracket play
- Bracket play will be single elimination
- Pairings are pre-determined for every matchup except the Finals


Format for 6 v 6 Prelims, Bracket Play, and Finals:



There will be 7 rounds of prelim play. Each player will play with ever other member of their squad at least once, and will play with 2 of their squad members twice. The pairings will all be random. However, the pairings will be "the same" with respect to gender for both squads. Some rounds will be MM, MM, FF and others will be MF, MF, MM.


IF Squad A has gender pairings of MM, MM, FF Squad B will also have MM, MM, FF

IF Squad a has gender pairings of MF, MF, MM Squad B will also have MF, MF, MM



Each Squad will be split into 3 randomly drawn teams (with someone you have not yet played with twice). Each team from Squad A will play each team from Squad B ONCE for a potential total of 9 games. Whichever Squad wins 5 of those games wins the round and advances.

Since there are 16 teams advancing to BRACKET PLAY, you will have played with every member of your Squad TWICE IF you reach the Semi Finals.


First Squad to 5 Wins the round

Squad A Team 1 vs Squad B Team 1

Squad A Team 2 vs Squad B Team 2

Squad A Team 3 vs Squad B Team 3

Squad A Team 1 vs Squad B Team 2

Squad A Team 2 vs Squad B Team 3

Squad A Team 3 vs Squad B Team 1 (if necessary)

Squad A Team 1 vs Squad B Team 3 (if necessary)

Squad A Team 2 vs Squad B Team 1 (if necessary)

Squad A Team 3 vs Squad B Team 2 (if necessary)



The format for the finals will be the same as the rest of bracket play with the caveat of captains being able to choose ANY PAIRINGS they desire. 

They will submit the pairings and number them 1, 2, 3.

Beer: Beer specials during the tournament

$300 per squad if you register by Septhember 15th ($30 discount) ($30 per girl, $60 per guy)

$330 per squad ($65 per guy, $35 per girl) - if you have more than 2 girls  on a squad, the cost is still $330.

Other Info and Deadlines:

Please pay attention to the posted deadlines below.

- Rosters submissions and full payment are then due by October 15, 2013
- To let us know about intent or to submit a roster, please email beastoftheeast(at)eastcoastbeerpong.com

Girls Restriction List: Andressa wainwright
Justine Huff
Jaclyn Crosby
Danielle Carter
Veronica Catanzaro
Ange T
Christina Schmitt
Shelley James
Allie Stevenson
Vanessa Roehm
Chelsie Rex
Jauna Andrews
Kristen Cammuso
Stephanie Wood
Meghann Long
Guys Restriction List: Aaron Smith
Adam Mantis
Andy DeCaluwe
Arnold Colella
Austin Lanham
Ben Robelen
Brandon Marx
Byron Findley
Chris Gravel
Chris Kingsbury
Chris Mustico
Dan Range
Dane Ellis
Dante Yell
David Glaser
David Zajac
Deep Chakrabarty
Earl Smith
Edan Hemphill
Hunter Kelly
James Alanis
James Riebl
Jared Knierman
Jason Chichester
Jason Davenport
Jeff Gillen
Jeremy Hughes
Jerrod Birmingham
Joey Moler
Johnny Fourdyce
Jon Basile
Jordan McAllister
Joseph Giammarino
Joseph Lyle (PeeWee)
Kenny Jennings
Kevin Kessler
Kris Fraser
Kyle Williams
Lenny O'Rourke
Mark Cerrachio
Mark Pettitt
Mark Pimentel
Matt O'Neill
Matt White
Michael Gramer
Michael Popielarski
Michael Seivert
Michael Squires
Mike Wan
Nate Cunningham
Nick Syrigos
Nolan Jones
Paul Bashaw
Paul Toland
Peter Rusch
Rich Patchett
Rickey Shepard
Ricky Posada
Rob Dix
Ron Hamilton
Ross Hampton
Ross Wayman
Ryan McAllister
Ryan Rossell
Sean Foster
Seth Beglis
Shane Shepard
Thomas Reap
Tyler Davis
Tyler Holt
Vince Bulhuis
Vince Catizone
Zack Gilkison
Contact: The coordinators for this tournament are Garrett and Mike.
Please email them with any questions or comments.

Registered Teams

Heroes get remembered but legends never die
           Jenna P. (NJ)
           Mike H. (NJ)
           Michael B. (NJ)
           Kelly D. (NJ)
           Wayne H. (NJ)
           Tyler B. (NJ)
I'd Hit That
           Michael K. (PA)
           Adam D. (PA)
           Nick B. (PA)
           Troy T. (PA)
           Alyssa M. (PA)
           Megan S. (PA)
America's Spirit
           Shane S. (MA)
           Jessica M. (MA)
           Paul T. (MA)
           Kristen C. (MA)
           Doug S. (MA)
           Mark A. (MA)
           Joe M. (NJ)
           Steve T. (NJ)
           Mike D. (NJ)
           Anthony S. (NJ)
           Kayla W. (NJ)
           Amanda A. (NJ)
Gateway To The Best
           Ross H. (IL)
           Breena S. (TX)
           Brent S. (MO)
           Nick S. (MO)
           Tyler B. (TX)
           Brandi W. (NV)
           Chris J. (VA)
           Chip B. (VA)
           Hunter K. (VA)
           Vanessa R. (VA)
           Brent H. (VA)
           Jauna A. (NY)
Sacks & Racks
           Simeon V. (NJ)
           Rich G. (NY)
           Drew C. (NJ)
           Sean D. (NY)
           Jennifer V. (NJ)
           Megan O. (NJ)
Guess Who
           Dave G. (MA)
           Jimmy H. (MA)
           Rob S. (MA)
           Nicole H. (MA)
           Dennis Y. (MA)
           Samantha S. (MA)
Mass Mauling
           Lisa W. (MA)
           Kyle B. (MA)
           Chris B. (MA)
           Phil K. (MA)
           Mike C. (MA)
           Brandee C. (MA)
Big Ds & Lil Vs
           Chris G. (NY)
           Mike P. (NJ)
           Brittany S. (NJ)
           Sarah L. (NY)
           James R. (NY)
           Joe G. (NY)
Everyone loves a Slinky
           Billy S. (PA)
           Ben W. (PA)
           Sammi O. (PA)
           Jay H. (PA)
           P.J. B. (PA)
           Nina D. (PA)
I'll Lick it for a 100
           Mike G. (NY)
           Chris O. (NY)
           Miguel S. (NY)
           Nick V. (NY)
           Danielle N. (NY)
           Brittany K. (NJ)
Beers, Beards, Bitches, and Bart
           Jason C. (CT)
           Steve H. (NY)
           Kim B. (NY)
           Kim S. (NJ)
           Bart W. (NY)
           Travis R. (NY)
the drunken avengers
           Steve M. (NJ)
           Brett H. (NJ)
           Daniel G. (CA)
           Kenneth T. (CA)
           Rachel G. (NJ)
           Amy 'I Have Bigger Boobs Than Rachel' Brennen (NJ)
           Dave P. (NY)
           Rob D. (AR)
           Allie S. (FL)
           Elisa R. (NJ)
           Ricky P. (NY)
           David T. (TX)
           Zack G. (VA)
           Jake T. (VA)
           Lauren M. (MD)
           Kyle W. (VA)
           Tim S. (VA)
           Caitlyn M. (VA)
Drunk & Underrated
           Joey G. (MD)
           Anthony L. (MD)
           Anna J. (MD)
           Kate B. (MD)
           Daniel F. (MD)
           Robbie E. (MD)
Better Than Your Garbage
           Corey V. (PA)
           Mike G. (PA)
           Lisa M. (PA)
           Natalie T. (PA)
           Ryan R. (PA)
           Angel P. (PA)
           Maurice J. (NY)
           Pete R. (NY)
           Masha L. (NJ)
           Trevor B. (NY)
           John F. (NY)
           Rain J. (NJ)
We Do It For The Squids
           GSP (NJ)
           Keith M. (PA)
           Jaimie T. (PA)
           Joseph P. (NJ)
           Jessica G. (NJ)
           Andy Y. (NJ)
8 Balls 2 RackS
           Christina S. (NY)
           Dyanna W. (NY)
           Cody R. (CAN)
           Kyle W. (NJ)
           Vince C. (NJ)
           Ned (NY)
Donkey Punching Kangaroos
           Veronica C. (NJ)
           Danielle G. (MA)
           Joshua R. (MA)
           Stephen C. (NJ)
           Rich P. (MA)
           Jerry C. (NJ)
We're here for the gangbang
           Sean S. (VA)
           Andre M. (VA)
           Michael P. (NY)
           Jaclyn C. (NY)
           Deep C. (NJ)
           Danielle K. (NJ)
Broke & Nameless
           Stacy Van Why (PA)
           Adam R. (VA)
           Aj R. (VA)
           Alex F. (VA)
           Alan C. (VA)
           Rick H. (VA)
I need Rehab
           Jeff G. (MD)
           Justin K. (VA)
           Nick N. (MD)
           Chris M. (MD)
           Tara L. (MD)
           Stephanie W. (MD)
Are You Not Entertained?
           Rob B. (NJ)
           Angela T. (NJ)
           Dayna M. (NJ)
           Mark C. (NJ)
           Kris F. (NJ)
           Gary B. (NJ)
Jesus and friends
           Mike T. (VA)
           Joey A. (VA)
           Brock M. (VA)
           Kevin B. (VA)
           Mandy M. (VA)
           Jasmine R. (VA)
Army of 6 Ragers
           Andrew W. (PA)
           Chris B. (PA)
           Andrea H. (PA)
           Edwin N. (PA)
           Eliud O. (PA)
           Larissa S. (PA)
Irish Hooligans
           Allen G. (PA)
           Joseph B. (PA)
           Julie V. (PA)
           Ryan H. (PA)
           Tania H. (PA)
           Dianah H. (PA)
Cell Block 6
           Doug H. (NJ)
           Chuck G. (NJ)
           Joseph R. (NJ)
           Beth G. (NJ)
           Patrick V. (NJ)
           Jess P. (NJ)
MASSive Swag
           Tony R. (MA)
           David M. (MA)
           Steven B. (MA)
           Edward B. (CT)
           Gabrielle B. (MA)
           Collette C. (MA)
Dicks and Vaginas are like Coke and Pepsi... It All Taste the Same
           Eric N. (PA)
           Taylor O. (PA)
           Nick S. (PA)
           Jonathan H. (PA)
           Jessica P. (PA)
           Janel N. (PA)
Weekly Warriors
           Holly C. (PA)
           Ross W. (PA)
           Michael S. (PA)
           Scott K. (PA)
           Brian P. (PA)
           Renie O. (PA)
Stop Following
           David Z. (CT)
           Chris A. (NY)
           Shelley J. (NY)
           Lenny O. (CT)
           Nick M. (CT)
           Nicole A. (MA)
painful to watch
           Chuck M. (NJ)
           Heather W. (NJ)
           Anthony B. (NJ)
           Gerry P. (NJ)
           Mandi K. (NJ)
           Brad W. (NJ)
Fresh off the Block
           Ronald S. (MD)
           James T. (NY)
           James G. (NY)
           Laurie P. (NY)
           Brittany R. (NY)
           Joey E. (NY)
Earl's Crab Shack
           Matt R. (MD)
           Bill T. (MD)
           Earl S. (MD)
           April S. (MD)
           Emily P. (MD)
           Ryan M. (MD)
They let this happen
           Dan A. (NY)
           Michael W. (NJ)
           Kevin K. (PA)
           Chelsie D. (NJ)
           Kristi W. (NJ)
           Brandon M. (AZ)
Jerzey Diciplez
           Nicole Z. (NJ)
           Jason M. (NJ)
           Ricky G. (NJ)
           Thomas T. (NJ)
           Brendan S. (NJ)
           Kristin D. (NJ)
We All Didurgirl
           Josh S. (VA)
           Jacob H. (NJ)
           Tim S. (NJ)
           Adam 'Dew Itt!' DeWitt (NJ)
           Laura M. (PA)
           Danica K. (NJ)
Str8 Up Last Min
           Eric K. (PA)
           Mike T. (PA)
           Carlo T. (PA)
           Trisha N. (PA)
           Adam W. (PA)
           Amber M. (PA)
sMASSh City
           David E. (MA)
           Jess P. (MA)
           Arthur S. (MA)
           Anthony K. (MA)
           Nathan S. (MA)
           Mary H. (MA)
The Tony Bunch
           Justin M. (NJ)
           Amanda C. (NJ)
           Steve T. (NJ)
           Adam S. (NJ)
           Holly J. (NJ)
           Brian S. (NJ)