Beast of the East 2012 is now upon us! This weekend is going to be
LEGENDARY!  You guys have helped grow Beast of the East into one of
the largest tournaments in the country!!!  We have 28 guy squads and
10 girl squads competing this weekend!  I would like to quickly go
over the schedule for the weekend and our expectations...

2v2 $1,000 tournament is now a $1,500 tournament with $1,000 being
paid out to first place!
s: 7:30pm
Start Time: 8:00pm

1v1 Girls WSOBP Satellite tournament
s: 7:30pm
Start Time: 8:00pm

BOTE Main Event (Guys and Girls) Prelims
s: 10:30am
Start Time: 11:00am
Captains meeting: 10:00am
Squad pictures: 10:30am
We are on a strict schedule and will be starting promptly so please
plan your transportation accordingly as we will not be waiting for
anyone this year.  There will be 25 minute rounds with half the teams
playing in each round.  If you are more than 5 minutes late to your
match, you WILL receive a forfeit.  We will be strict about this.
Everyone will receive their schedules for the day when they sign-in.

3v3 Coed WSOBP Satellite
s: 7:30pm
Start Time: 8:00pm

BOTE Bracket Play (Guys and Girls)
Check-ins: 10:30am
Start Time: 11:00am
Round will be 45 minutes long since matches are best of 3.

Consolation WSOBP Satellite Tournament
s/Sign-ups: 10:30am
Start Time: 11:45am (or whenever the play-in rounds of the Bracket
play are over)
The consolation tournament is open to everyone not in the top 8 squads
of the guys or girls BOTE bracket play.  There are no restrictions

Expectations for this weekend:
- Fighting, damaging equipment, damaging the venue, damaging others'
property, or disrespecting our staff or the staff of Miami Mikes will
not be tolerated.   We will have a zero tolerance policy and you will
be kicked out of the event, leaving your squad to play handicapped
without you.  If you are kicked out of the event, you will not be
eligible to receive any prizes.  This policy will be enforced the
entire weekend, not just during game play.
- We are not here to babysit.  Act mature and be respectful of others.
 We understand that there are rivalries and alcohol involved but that
does not excuse inappropriate behavior.  Trash talk is part of the
game but racial, religious, and gender related slurs or trash talk
will get you kicked out of the event.
- Captains are responsible for their squads.  We don't need a million
people coming to us with questions... We will talk to the captains and
they are responsible for relaying the messages to everyone else.
- The most important thing is that everyone has FUN!!! This weekend is
going to be a blast and we intend to do everything in our power to
make it a memorable event.

WSOBP rules and equipment will be used for all events this weekend.
The 3v3 tournament has slightly modified rules.  Check the event page
on facebook or eastcoastbeerpong.com for the rules.

EastCoastBeerPong.com should be checked for any important
announcements, prelim results, etc.  We may be streaming the event
live like last year but it is not definite yet.  If we do, a link will
be posted on our facebook page and on the website.

Online sign-ups will remain open for the 3v3 tournament until tomorrow
night.  Sign-ups for the $1k and the Girls WSOBP Satellite will close
tonight but we will still accept sign-ups in person tomorrow.  There
are still spots available for both events.  Sign-ups for all side
events are on eastcoastbeerpong.com

See everyone this weekend!

Garrett (and Mike)