Match Time Table Round 1
1 11:00AM A1  What Would Bernie Do vs  Deep Fried Peanuts
2 11:00AM A2  Let's Fuckin Go vs  Hitmen
3 11:00AM A3  FOX AND THE HOUND vs  Captain Esquire
4 11:00AM A4  Chugsters vs  VA ALL DAY
5 11:00AM A5  Scared shotless vs  Just The Tip
6 11:00AM A6  Tell Me When To Go vs  RVA Hopscotch Mafia
7 11:00AM A7  Provocative vs Taste our Rainbows
8 11:00AM A8  TEAM DOOM vs  Kessler and Marx - Blitzkreig
9 11:00AM A9  Blumpkins 'R' Us vs  Ur moms a squirter
10 11:00AM A10  Quenada Frenchfucks vs  Taliban
11 11:00AM A11  SELF MADE vs  BaldIE and BustIE
12 11:00AM A12  Keep one rolled vs  CdotJer$ey
13 11:00AM A13  we in this camp vs  Puppy Love
14 11:00AM A14  Sleeper Agents vs  Best You Never Heard Of
15 11:00AM A15  Puss n Pong vs  Say Cheese Mother Fuckers
16 11:00AM A16  Getting Schmitt-faced Rex your life vs  Last Team In
17 11:00AM A17  Scalley and mush vs  fukwithMDuknowWEgotit
18 11:00AM A18  Coochie vs  Flawless Victory
19 11:00AM A19  PONG KINGZ vs  FLYS OPEN
20 11:00AM A20  Drunken Monkeys vs  Team Sexy
21 11:00AM A21  guidoslinger vs  Support The Trees
22 11:00AM A22  tomatoes and oranges vs  Big & Strong Pong
23 11:00AM A23  Ham sandwich with cheese vs  Unbreakable
24 11:00AM A24  Boom Goes the Dynamite vs  Throwing Sticky
25 11:00AM A25  Rippin Faht's Breakin Heart's vs  Who the FUCK are They?
26 11:00AM A26  scissor fingers vs  Our Boyfriends R Better Than U
27 11:00AM A27  Aces and Eights vs  Samurai and Cowboy
28 11:00AM A28  We Bang, Ya Bish! vs  Born Ready
29 11:00AM A29  Reaper Squad vs  RIBP
Match Time Tables Round 2
30 11:25AM A6  What Would Bernie Do vs Taste our Rainbows
31 11:25AM A7  RVA Hopscotch Mafia vs  Kessler and Marx - Blitzkreig
32 11:25AM A8  Just The Tip vs  Ur moms a squirter
33 11:25AM A9  VA ALL DAY vs  Taliban
34 11:25AM A10  Captain Esquire vs  BaldIE and BustIE
35 11:25AM A11  Hitmen vs  CdotJer$ey
36 11:25AM A12  Deep Fried Peanuts vs  Puppy Love
37 11:25AM A13  Let's Fuckin Go vs  Best You Never Heard Of
38 11:25AM A14  FOX AND THE HOUND vs  Say Cheese Mother Fuckers
39 11:25AM A15  Chugsters vs  Last Team In
40 11:25AM A16  Scared shotless vs  fukwithMDuknowWEgotit
41 11:25AM A17  Tell Me When To Go vs  Flawless Victory
42 11:25AM A18  Provocative vs  FLYS OPEN
43 11:25AM A19  TEAM DOOM vs  Team Sexy
44 11:25AM A20  Blumpkins 'R' Us vs  Support The Trees
45 11:25AM A21  Quenada Frenchfucks vs  Big & Strong Pong
46 11:25AM A22  SELF MADE vs  Unbreakable
47 11:25AM A23  Keep one rolled vs  Throwing Sticky
48 11:25AM A24  we in this camp vs  Who the FUCK are They?
49 11:25AM A25  Sleeper Agents vs  Our Boyfriends R Better Than U
50 11:25AM A26  Puss n Pong vs  Samurai and Cowboy
51 11:25AM A27  Getting Schmitt-faced Rex your life vs  Born Ready
52 11:25AM A28  Scalley and mush vs  RIBP
53 11:25AM A29  Coochie vs  Reaper Squad
54 11:25AM A1  PONG KINGZ vs  We Bang, Ya Bish!
55 11:25AM A2  Drunken Monkeys vs  Aces and Eights
56 11:25AM A3  guidoslinger vs  scissor fingers
57 11:25AM A4  tomatoes and oranges vs  Rippin Faht's Breakin Heart's
58 11:25AM A5  Ham sandwich with cheese vs  Boom Goes the Dynamite
Match Time Tables Round 3
59 11:50AM A11  What Would Bernie Do vs  Puppy Love
60 11:50AM A12  CdotJer$ey vs  Best You Never Heard Of
61 11:50AM A13  BaldIE and BustIE vs  Say Cheese Mother Fuckers
62 11:50AM A14  Taliban vs  Last Team In
63 11:50AM A15  Ur moms a squirter vs  fukwithMDuknowWEgotit
64 11:50AM A16  Kessler and Marx - Blitzkreig vs  Flawless Victory
65 11:50AM A17 Taste our Rainbows vs  FLYS OPEN
66 11:50AM A18  RVA Hopscotch Mafia vs  Team Sexy
67 11:50AM A19  Just The Tip vs  Support The Trees
68 11:50AM A20  VA ALL DAY vs  Big & Strong Pong
69 11:50AM A21  Captain Esquire vs  Unbreakable
70 11:50AM A22  Hitmen vs  Throwing Sticky
71 11:50AM A23  Deep Fried Peanuts vs  Who the FUCK are They?
72 11:50AM A24  Let's Fuckin Go vs  Our Boyfriends R Better Than U
73 11:50AM A25  FOX AND THE HOUND vs  Samurai and Cowboy
74 11:50AM A26  Chugsters vs  Born Ready
75 11:50AM A27  Scared shotless vs  RIBP
76 11:50AM A28  Tell Me When To Go vs  Reaper Squad
77 11:50AM A29  Provocative vs  We Bang, Ya Bish!
78 11:50AM A1  TEAM DOOM vs  Aces and Eights
79 11:50AM A2  Blumpkins 'R' Us vs  scissor fingers
80 11:50AM A3  Quenada Frenchfucks vs  Rippin Faht's Breakin Heart's
81 11:50AM A4  SELF MADE vs  Boom Goes the Dynamite
82 11:50AM A5  Keep one rolled vs  Ham sandwich with cheese
83 11:50AM A6  we in this camp vs  tomatoes and oranges
84 11:50AM A7  Sleeper Agents vs  guidoslinger
85 11:50AM A8  Puss n Pong vs  Drunken Monkeys
86 11:50AM A9  Getting Schmitt-faced Rex your life vs  PONG KINGZ
87 11:50AM A10  Scalley and mush vs  Coochie
Match Time Tables Round 4
88 12:15PM A16  What Would Bernie Do vs  FLYS OPEN
89 12:15PM A17  Flawless Victory vs  Team Sexy
90 12:15PM A18  fukwithMDuknowWEgotit vs  Support The Trees
91 12:15PM A19  Last Team In vs  Big & Strong Pong
92 12:15PM A20  Say Cheese Mother Fuckers vs  Unbreakable
93 12:15PM A21  Best You Never Heard Of vs  Throwing Sticky
94 12:15PM A22  Puppy Love vs  Who the FUCK are They?
95 12:15PM A23  CdotJer$ey vs  Our Boyfriends R Better Than U
96 12:15PM A24  BaldIE and BustIE vs  Samurai and Cowboy
97 12:15PM A25  Taliban vs  Born Ready
98 12:15PM A26  Ur moms a squirter vs  RIBP
99 12:15PM A27  Kessler and Marx - Blitzkreig vs  Reaper Squad
100 12:15PM A28 Taste our Rainbows vs  We Bang, Ya Bish!
101 12:15PM A29  RVA Hopscotch Mafia vs  Aces and Eights
102 12:15PM A1  Just The Tip vs  scissor fingers
103 12:15PM A2  VA ALL DAY vs  Rippin Faht's Breakin Heart's
104 12:15PM A3  Captain Esquire vs  Boom Goes the Dynamite
105 12:15PM A4  Hitmen vs  Ham sandwich with cheese
106 12:15PM A5  Deep Fried Peanuts vs  tomatoes and oranges
107 12:15PM A6  Let's Fuckin Go vs  guidoslinger
108 12:15PM A7  FOX AND THE HOUND vs  Drunken Monkeys
109 12:15PM A8  Chugsters vs  PONG KINGZ
110 12:15PM A9  Scared shotless vs  Coochie
111 12:15PM A10  Tell Me When To Go vs  Scalley and mush
112 12:15PM A11  Provocative vs  Getting Schmitt-faced Rex your life
113 12:15PM A12  TEAM DOOM vs  Puss n Pong
114 12:15PM A13  Blumpkins 'R' Us vs  Sleeper Agents
115 12:15PM A14  Quenada Frenchfucks vs  we in this camp
116 12:15PM A15  SELF MADE vs  Keep one rolled
Match Time Tables Round 5
117 12:40PM A21  What Would Bernie Do vs  Who the FUCK are They?
118 12:40PM A22  Throwing Sticky vs  Our Boyfriends R Better Than U
119 12:40PM A23  Unbreakable vs  Samurai and Cowboy
120 12:40PM A24  Big & Strong Pong vs  Born Ready
121 12:40PM A25  Support The Trees vs  RIBP
122 12:40PM A26  Team Sexy vs  Reaper Squad
123 12:40PM A27  FLYS OPEN vs  We Bang, Ya Bish!
124 12:40PM A28  Flawless Victory vs  Aces and Eights
125 12:40PM A29  fukwithMDuknowWEgotit vs  scissor fingers
126 12:40PM A1  Last Team In vs  Rippin Faht's Breakin Heart's
127 12:40PM A2  Say Cheese Mother Fuckers vs  Boom Goes the Dynamite
128 12:40PM A3  Best You Never Heard Of vs  Ham sandwich with cheese
129 12:40PM A4  Puppy Love vs  tomatoes and oranges
130 12:40PM A5  CdotJer$ey vs  guidoslinger
131 12:40PM A6  BaldIE and BustIE vs  Drunken Monkeys
132 12:40PM A7  Taliban vs  PONG KINGZ
133 12:40PM A8  Ur moms a squirter vs  Coochie
134 12:40PM A9  Kessler and Marx - Blitzkreig vs  Scalley and mush
135 12:40PM A10 Taste our Rainbows vs  Getting Schmitt-faced Rex your life
136 12:40PM A11  RVA Hopscotch Mafia vs  Puss n Pong
137 12:40PM A12  Just The Tip vs  Sleeper Agents
138 12:40PM A13  VA ALL DAY vs  we in this camp
139 12:40PM A14  Captain Esquire vs  Keep one rolled
140 12:40PM A15  Hitmen vs  SELF MADE
141 12:40PM A16  Deep Fried Peanuts vs  Quenada Frenchfucks
142 12:40PM A17  Let's Fuckin Go vs  Blumpkins 'R' Us
144 12:40PM A19  Chugsters vs  Provocative
145 12:40PM A20  Scared shotless vs  Tell Me When To Go
Match Time Tables Round 6
146 1:05PM A26  What Would Bernie Do vs  We Bang, Ya Bish!
147 1:05PM A27  Reaper Squad vs  Aces and Eights
148 1:05PM A28  RIBP vs  scissor fingers
149 1:05PM A29  Born Ready vs  Rippin Faht's Breakin Heart's
150 1:05PM A1  Samurai and Cowboy vs  Boom Goes the Dynamite
151 1:05PM A2  Our Boyfriends R Better Than U vs  Ham sandwich with cheese
152 1:05PM A3  Who the FUCK are They? vs  tomatoes and oranges
153 1:05PM A4  Throwing Sticky vs  guidoslinger
154 1:05PM A5  Unbreakable vs  Drunken Monkeys
155 1:05PM A6  Big & Strong Pong vs  PONG KINGZ
156 1:05PM A7  Support The Trees vs  Coochie
157 1:05PM A8  Team Sexy vs  Scalley and mush
158 1:05PM A9  FLYS OPEN vs  Getting Schmitt-faced Rex your life
159 1:05PM A10  Flawless Victory vs  Puss n Pong
160 1:05PM A11  fukwithMDuknowWEgotit vs  Sleeper Agents
161 1:05PM A12  Last Team In vs  we in this camp
162 1:05PM A13  Say Cheese Mother Fuckers vs  Keep one rolled
163 1:05PM A14  Best You Never Heard Of vs  SELF MADE
164 1:05PM A15  Puppy Love vs  Quenada Frenchfucks
165 1:05PM A16  CdotJer$ey vs  Blumpkins 'R' Us
166 1:05PM A17  BaldIE and BustIE vs  TEAM DOOM
167 1:05PM A18  Taliban vs  Provocative
168 1:05PM A19  Ur moms a squirter vs  Tell Me When To Go
169 1:05PM A20  Kessler and Marx - Blitzkreig vs  Scared shotless
170 1:05PM A21 Taste our Rainbows vs  Chugsters
171 1:05PM A22  RVA Hopscotch Mafia vs  FOX AND THE HOUND
172 1:05PM A23  Just The Tip vs  Let's Fuckin Go
173 1:05PM A24  VA ALL DAY vs  Deep Fried Peanuts
174 1:05PM A25  Captain Esquire vs  Hitmen
Match Time Tables Round 7
175 1:30PM A2  What Would Bernie Do vs  tomatoes and oranges
176 1:30PM A3  Ham sandwich with cheese vs  guidoslinger
177 1:30PM A4  Boom Goes the Dynamite vs  Drunken Monkeys
178 1:30PM A5  Rippin Faht's Breakin Heart's vs  PONG KINGZ
179 1:30PM A6  scissor fingers vs  Coochie
180 1:30PM A7  Aces and Eights vs  Scalley and mush
181 1:30PM A8  We Bang, Ya Bish! vs  Getting Schmitt-faced Rex your life
182 1:30PM A9  Reaper Squad vs  Puss n Pong
183 1:30PM A10  RIBP vs  Sleeper Agents
184 1:30PM A11  Born Ready vs  we in this camp
185 1:30PM A12  Samurai and Cowboy vs  Keep one rolled
186 1:30PM A13  Our Boyfriends R Better Than U vs  SELF MADE
187 1:30PM A14  Who the FUCK are They? vs  Quenada Frenchfucks
188 1:30PM A15  Throwing Sticky vs  Blumpkins 'R' Us
189 1:30PM A16  Unbreakable vs  TEAM DOOM
190 1:30PM A17  Big & Strong Pong vs  Provocative
191 1:30PM A18  Support The Trees vs  Tell Me When To Go
192 1:30PM A19  Team Sexy vs  Scared shotless
193 1:30PM A20  FLYS OPEN vs  Chugsters
194 1:30PM A21  Flawless Victory vs  FOX AND THE HOUND
195 1:30PM A22  fukwithMDuknowWEgotit vs  Let's Fuckin Go
196 1:30PM A23  Last Team In vs  Deep Fried Peanuts
197 1:30PM A24  Say Cheese Mother Fuckers vs  Hitmen
198 1:30PM A25  Best You Never Heard Of vs  Captain Esquire
199 1:30PM A26  Puppy Love vs  VA ALL DAY
200 1:30PM A27  CdotJer$ey vs  Just The Tip
201 1:30PM A28  BaldIE and BustIE vs  RVA Hopscotch Mafia
202 1:30PM A29  Taliban vs Taste our Rainbows
203 1:30PM A1  Ur moms a squirter vs  Kessler and Marx - Blitzkreig