ECBPC VI Coed 2v2 Tournament - Bracket 2


East Coast Beer Pong
East Coast Beer Pong


Resorts Casino Hotel
1133 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401


1/29/2016 6:00:00 PM
1/30/2016 1:00:00 AM




Team Format


Payment Methods


Event Details

Girls are allowed to play on only 1 team in each bracket.  Guys can only play in 1 bracket.  Please make sure to sign-up for the appropriate brackets.  It is $50 a team ($20 per girl/bracket and $30 per guy).

Registered Teams

           Sven A. (FL)
           Shyann S. (FL)
PGA Nats
           Nathaniel S. (KY)
           Jennifer P. (KY)
Beer pong is fun
           Joe M. (NJ)
           Chelsie R. (NJ)
Northern Lightning
           Candi A. (AK)
           Cody R. (CAN)
Ke$$ler & Kre$$ler
           Kevin K. (PA)
           Amy K. (PA)
Light Skin Powers Activate
           Andressa W. (MD)
           Dante Y. (CA)
Brandi & Reap
           Thomas R. (VA)
           Brandi W. (NV)
Cool Runnings
           Kyle W. (NJ)
           Joelle V. (NJ)
What a Time To Be Alive
           Coy W. (MD)
           Megan E. (MD)
Let me see that pong
           Lucson T. (NJ)
           Veronica R. (NJ)
Clarke find a new main
           Michael W. (NJ)
           Rachel G. (NJ)
Tay Tay & Pek
           Jessica P. (PA)
           Taylor O. (PA)
dont forfiet Sanchez and erin, he's probably smoking a bogie
           David Z. (CT)
           Erin G. (CT)
This intro is necessary
           Heather G. (NJ)
           Dave D. (PA)
Jess plus 1
           Edwin N. (PA)
           Jess P. (NJ)
Couples that splash together, last forever
           Matt K. (NJ)
           Alex L. (NJ)
Courtney's Squi-Fi Hotspot
           Michael S. (PA)
           Courtney Z. (VA)
Shut the F up
           Shannon T. (MD)
           Danny C. (MD)
Everyday We 'SephyLynn'
           Joseph P. (NJ)
           Lindsey N. (NJ)
Aiming for Perfection
           TJ R. (MD)
           Kerry P. (MD)