Danny C.



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MD one fiddy
5 peez nugget mayne
5 Peez Nugget Mayne
Colluding Tricks
Shut the F up
Beginning of the End


Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
4/24/2015 Beast of the East 2015 MD one fiddy 18 - 17
4/24/2015 Beast of the East 2015 2v2 $3k Kickoff Tournament Side Event 5 peez nugget mayne 0 - 0
1/30/2016 ECBPC VI Coed 3v3 Tournament Side Event Colluding Tricks 0 - 0
1/29/2016 ECBPC VI Coed 2v2 Tournament - Bracket 2 Shut the F up 0 - 0
11/4/2016 Beast of the East 2016 Beginning of the End 18 - 17

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
4/24/2015 Beast of the East 2015 4 3 -2
Partner Opponents W/L
Anthony L. Eric N. and Aaron P. W (1 Cups)
Ronald S. Michael S. and Ben W. W (4 Cups)
Bunky W. Marc H. and Dylan S. W (2 Cups)
Bryan D. Travis S. and Josh S. W (2 Cups)
Matt D. Irving M. and Nick M. L (-4 Cups)
Nick N. Carlo T. and Taylor O. L (-2 Cups)
Justin K. Brandon C. and Demetrius M. L (-5 Cups)
11/4/2016 Beast of the East 2016 3 4 8
Partner Opponents W/L
Bill T. Kenny L. and Jaquis N. W (6 Cups)
Anthony L. Dennis B. and Dave D. W (3 Cups)
Robbie E. Demetrius W. and Justin S. W (4 Cups)
Greg P. Dane S. and Mike P. L (-1 Cups)
Matt D. Steph B. and Jeff B. L (-1 Cups)
Matt R. TJ R. and Daniel F. L (-1 Cups)
Coy W. Andrew T. and Dejon G. L (-2 Cups)