ECBPC 2013 3v3 Tournament


East Coast Beer Pong
East Coast Beer Pong


Miami Mike's Sports Zone
130 Route 10 West
East Hanover, NJ 07936
(973) 887-1300
Miami Mike's Sports Zone
Miami Mike's Sports Zone


11/2/2013 6:00:00 PM
11/3/2013 3:00:00 AM




Team Format


Payment Methods


Event Details

When: Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
Sign-Ups/Sign-Ins: 6pm
Play Begins: 7pm
Where: Miami Mike's
East Hanover, NJ

WSOBP Bids for 1st Place + Cash

Cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd place


Teams of 3 players
Random Seeding
BPong Equipment
Double Elimination Bracket

This tournament has the following 3 restrictions:
1. All teams must have at least one female.
2. No players from the same 2v2 team (from the 2v2 main event) may play on the same 3v3 team.
3. Only ONE (1) player who has won a WSOBP bid in 2013 may play per team (Bid winners cannot play together.  It doesn't matter if you sold your bids or if they were won in unofficial WSOBP Satellites or if you haven't received your bids yet - if you won a bid you cannot play with anyone else who has won a WSOBP bid).

***It is your responsibility to make sure that there are no more than 1 WSOBP bid winner per team. If we find out otherwise and you win the tournament, your prize will be revoke and given to the 2nd place team...

Rules for 3v3 game play are as follows:
Flip for balls or side. Choice is either first ball or the next 3.
15 cups per side.
Re-Racks at 10, 6, 3, 1
Each team shoots 3 balls per turn
If all 3 shots are made, team receives 1 rollback shot
Rebuttal and Game ending situations will be determined by the amount of shots taken to make the last cup.
Overtime will be 3 cups.
Girls must take all rollback shots

Beer: Beer specials during the tournament

$20.00 per person online (teams of 3)
$25.00 per person the day of (teams of 3)

Contact: The coordinators for this tournament are Garrett and Mike.
Please email them with any questions or comments.

Registered Teams

She told us it was a threesome!
           Steve M. (NJ)
           Brett H. (NJ)
           Amy 'I Have Bigger Boobs Than Rachel' Brennen (NJ)
           Hunter K. (VA)
           Vanessa R. (VA)
           Brent H. (VA)
Salsa Time
           Dave P. (NY)
           Jaimie T. (PA)
           Ricky P. (NY)
Vagtastic Voyage
           Chris A. (NY)
           Shane S. (MA)
           Jauna A. (NJ)
Lovers and Friends Featuring Zeller
           Andrew T. (NJ)
           Nicole Z. (NJ)
           Jason M. (NJ)
Bing Bang Boom
           Kyle W. (NJ)
           Jay S. (CA)
           Joelle V. (NJ)
Prom night dumpster babies
           Dave G. (MA)
           Allie S. (VA)
           Chris B. (MA)
Let's trash this place
           Kevin K. (PA)
           Chelsie D. (NJ)
           Mike P. (NY)
The Love Triangle
           Christina S. (NY)
           Brendan S. (NJ)
           Ricky G. (NJ)
Appologies in Advance
           James T. (NY)
           Danielle G. (MA)
           Sean D. (NY)
VA and Vijay ALL DAY
           Chris J. (VA)
           Chip B. (VA)
           Jessica G. (NJ)
Dirty Ponging
           Ryan R. (PA)
           Michael S. (PA)
           Laura M. (PA)
Rainmakers Anonymous
           Joey A. (VA)
           Brock M. (VA)
           Jasmine R. (VA)
Prescription for Disaster
           Brandon M. (AZ)
           Deep C. (NJ)
           Jaclyn C. (NY)
           Andre M. (VA)
           Stephanie W. (MD)
The Movement
           Eric E. (MA)
           Tony R. (MA)
           Mary H. (MA)
The Alcoholocaust
           Sean S. (VA)
           Josh S. (VA)
           Caitlyn M. (VA)
Eiffel Tower
           Chuck M. (NJ)
           Masha L. (NJ)
           Brad W. (NJ)
See Cdot for team name
           GSP (NJ)
           Chuck G. (NJ)
           Danielle K. (NJ)
bomb squad
           David Z. (CT)
           Nicole A. (MA)
           Nick M. (CT)
It All Came Together
           Stacy Van Why (PA)
           Mike T. (VA)
           Kevin B. (VA)
Estaban, Fernando, and Consuela
           Rich G. (NY)
           Tim S. (NJ)
           Jessica H. (NY)
Fapping In J-Anal
           Eric N. (PA)
           Taylor O. (PA)
           Janel N. (PA)
Pongers without Borders
           Heather W. (NJ)
           Philippe R. (CAN)
           Mathieu L. (NJ)
Elephantitis Of The Labia
           Chris G. (NY)
           James R. (NY)
           Sarah L. (NY)
Hakuna matatas
           Rob D. (AR)
           Jessica M. (MA)
           David T. (TX)
           Drew C. (NJ)
Rachel take the rollback
           Rachel G. (NJ)
           Jason C. (NY)
           Kim S. (NJ)
Three's Company
           Matt R. (MD)
           Michael W. (NJ)
Testing 1-2-3
           Jeff G. (MD)
We Make it Rain
           Pete R. (NY)
Reenie were not that drunk
           Mike T. (PA)
           Scott K. (PA)
you mad bro?
           Chris B. (PA)
           Megan S. (PA)
           Eliud O. (PA)
Interracial Pong Bang
           Shelley J. (NY)
           Paul T. (MA)
           Kris F. (NJ)
           Keith M. (PA)
           Jennifer V. (NJ)
           Aj R. (VA)
Riding On A Bus In PA
           Trevor B. (NY)
           John F. (NY)
           Earl S. (MD)
           April S. (MD)
           Rich P. (MA)