Allie S.



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Gangbanging Bernies
BaldIE and BustIE
Allie Stevenson
Prom night dumpster babies


Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
5/3/2013 Beast of the East 2013 (Womens) VA-ginas 15 - 6
5/4/2013 Beast of the East 2013 Coed 3v3 Side Event Gangbanging Bernies 0 - 0
11/2/2013 East Coast Beer Pong Championships IV BaldIE and BustIE 0 - 0
11/1/2013 ECBPC 2013 Women's 1v1 Tournament Allie Stevenson 0 - 0
11/2/2013 ECBPC 2013 3v3 Tournament Prom night dumpster babies 0 - 0

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
5/3/2013 Beast of the East 2013 (Womens) 5 2 11
Partner Opponents W/L
Vanessa R. Lisa W. and Nicole H. W (1 Cups)
Danielle C. Stacy Van Why and Rachel M. W (3 Cups)
Ashley W. Jessica M. and Chrissy J. W (4 Cups)
Molly G. Meagan H. and Jennifer H. W (4 Cups)
Vanessa R. Veronica C. and Beth G. W (4 Cups)
Mandy M. Angela T. and Jaimie T. L (-1 Cups)
Danielle C. Christina K. and Toni Q. L (-4 Cups)