Logan Z.



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The Notorious VA3
Nothing But Cup
The Wife Beaters
Black On Lightskinned Crime
Pinky And The Brain
That's BAE
Believe The Hype
InVAsions Rejects


Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
5/3/2013 Beast of the East 2013 The Notorious VA3 19 - 16
11/8/2014 East Coast Beer Pong Championships V - Up To $30k Main Event Black On Lightskinned Crime 0 - 0
4/13/2014 Beast of the East 2014 Consolation 2v2 Tournament Nothing But Cup 0 - 0
4/25/2015 Beast of the East 2015 Coed 3v3 Tournament Side Event That's BAE 0 - 0
11/4/2016 Beast of the East 2016 2v2 Kickoff Tournament Side Event Believe The Hype 0 - 0
10/17/2019 Beast of the East X 10v10 Main Event InVAsions Rejects 0 - 0

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
5/3/2013 Beast of the East 2013 2 5 -13
Partner Opponents W/L
Corey W. Jeremy B. and Billy W. W (5 Cups)
Justin S. Sean S. and Thomas R. W (3 Cups)
Scott W. Timothy R. and Cody P. L (-3 Cups)
Joey A. Mike T. and Sean T. L (-7 Cups)
Austin H. Joseph G. and Michael P. L (-8 Cups)
Adam R. Jason S. and Josh K. L (-2 Cups)
John M. Stephen C. and Joseph P. L (-1 Cups)