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Average Joe's (NJ)
Can't Miss These Racks


Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
4/12/2014 Beast of the East 2014 Coed 3v3 Side Event Can't Miss These Racks 0 - 0

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
4/28/2012 Beast of the East 2012 1 6 -21
Partner Opponents W/L
Jordan W. Todd D. and Chris M. W (3 Cups)
Tommy M. Ryan R. and Eric K. L (-7 Cups)
Glen P. Dean K. and Mitch F. L (-2 Cups)
Mike P. Zack G. and Curt J. L (-3 Cups)
Chris M. Josh S. and Ryan B. L (-5 Cups)
Dennis B. Matthew S. and Dave S. L (-2 Cups)
Bryan L. Joseph G. and Dan A. L (-5 Cups)