Meagan H.



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Meagan Hume
The Devils Threesome
Hot Piece of MASS


Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
2/9/2013 ECBPC 2012(3) Women's 1v1 Tournament Meagan Hume 0 - 0
4/11/2014 Beast of the East 2014 (Womens) Hot Piece of MASS 5 - 16

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
4/11/2014 Beast of the East 2014 (Womens) 2 5 -1
Partner Opponents W/L
Crystal W. Dyanna W. and Jaclyn C. W (1 Cups)
Jennifer H. Tania H. and Janel N. W (3 Cups)
Meaghan G. Chelsie D. and Kelly D. L (-1 Cups)
Brandee C. Jackie A. and Jody H. L (-1 Cups)
Nicole H. Gabrielle B. and Danielle G. L (-1 Cups)
Crystal W. Jayni L. and Becca F. L (-1 Cups)
Meaghan G. Felisha T. and Brandy G. L (-1 Cups)