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Team Tournament Results

Date Event Team Record
4/11/2014 Beast of the East 2014 NY4 22 - 13

Individual Tournament Results

Date Event Wins Losses Cup Diff
4/11/2014 Beast of the East 2014 4 3 2
Partner Opponents W/L
Nick V. Juana A. and Ryan P. W (2 Cups)
Justin K. Kevin B. and Ian T. W (1 Cups)
Mike G. Chris B. and Demetrius M. W (3 Cups)
Miguel S. Mike H. and Ant L. W (3 Cups)
John H. Rob B. and Kris F. L (-2 Cups)
Chris R. Earl S. and Chris M. L (-4 Cups)
Gary M. Pete R. and Ricky P. L (-1 Cups)