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Most Competive BPong in Pa and we are Looking for BPong players who are interested in winning FREE money and have a good time. We run tournaments 4 days a week, double elimination play, brackets randomize, where anyone 21 and older can join. 




About Us

Mission: To teach people that BPong is a sport, it takes skill to win, to get you known nationally and also for Pa to win a major championship in BPong.

Different types of Bpong Championships: World Series of BPong($50,000), World Pong Tour Championship($25,000), East Coast Championship($10,000), Beast of East Championship, and many more.

Rules and Equipment We use: 
-Tables: Pro BPong Tables.(Tables can be found on "") 
-Cups: 10 World Series of BPong Cups on each side, one inch from the edge of the table (if a cup does fall, it counts as a made shot, so always line them up one inch from edge) Cups will be played with WATER inside (we can not encourage anyone to drink)
-Balls: 2 World Series of BPong Balls.
-Bring Back Rule: If both shooters on the same side make their cups, one ball will be returned for the better player or whoever would take the shot.(Which is called a roll back shot). So you can only make 3 cups on one turnand win a game in two turns.
-Reracks: Reracks at 6, 3(Triangle) and 1(Back Center)
-Ending the Game: 
-No bouncing, fingering, blowing and if you knock over a cup (cups) on your side that counts as a made cup for the other team.
-Leaning is allowed. You can lean over as far as you want. We play by the official Word Series of BPong Rules (

Days of the Week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Locations:Monday- Rob's Pub and Grub Tuesday- Chicken Coop, Thursday-Rox 52 and Friday- TBA

Directions: Will be sent out to you personally. When we send you our invite to our events, just click on the bars website in the invite.

Awards: $100-150 cash prize to winner of our FREE pong tournamnets, bragging rights, Ponger of the Week, Pong of the Month, Ponger of the Year, Trip to Atlantic City, NJ to compete for $35,000, Trip to Vegas to Compete for $50,000, giveaway prizes, and much more.

How Do I Join: Anyone can join over the age of 21. New players are always welcome. Its also FREE to play, so just show up and play! Play for fun or play to win, but we always encourage good sportsmanship with hand shakes and good games. We also only play with WATER in the cups; we can not encourage anyone to drink, but you can drink on the side. Stop by our locations and just ask for our Sign Up Sheet. We have practice time usually 30 mins before the tournament start.

What We Want to Do for You: We want to provide you with the best of the best. Everything the Pros play with. Professional tables, balls, cups, and WE WANT TO WIN YOU MONEY!!!

Wanna learn from the pros? Check out our links posted on our Fan Page that show just how the professionals play.

If you decide BPong is for you, we will gladly keep stats and updates on how your playing record is coming along! You can track your progress for each place that you play at, along with overall rankings.

Wanna join but not sure you know how to play? Just ask one of the tournament runners and they will either help you or find someone who can give you pointers of the game and the basics. 

Yes, we play for money, but the ultimate goal is for you to come out and have fun doing what you and everyone else loves to do: PLAY BPONG!

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