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Shane Hall

About Us

We are a Tournament Organizing Team based out of South East Massachusetts.

Starting in 2009 we have striven to take players comments and ideas into consideration to build fun, organized, and controlled tournaments to play at.  We want every player, win or lose to have fun and encourage all players to act respectful and responsible.

The Rules we use have been "tweaked" by the players through a voting system we use.  Rules can be found at as well as Team rankings and locations.

This is not a drinking game... but should you decide to drink during play, do it responsibly.

In our efforts to help raise awareness of this fun and competitive game we also enjoy holding qualifiers to larger scale tournaments.

We also hold Singles / Random Partner / Co-Ed Tournaments from time to time to keep it fun.  We have also been known to throw in a random "House Party" rule to spice it up for the night.

All players of any age (21+) are welcome to play in any of our tournaments.

If we ever have restrictions they will be clearly posted with the event.

Keep it clean, keep it fun, shake hands and hit cups!

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