ECBPC VI Men's 1v1 Tournament Side Event


East Coast Beer Pong
East Coast Beer Pong


Resorts Casino Hotel
1133 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401


1/29/2016 6:00:00 PM
1/30/2016 1:00:00 AM




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Event Details

Men will be placed into two brackets based on the bracket they are playing in for the coed 2v2 event to allow for continuous flow of the event. (i.e. if you are in Bracket 1 for the coed 2v2 then you will be in bracket 2 for the Men's 1v1.)  If you are not playing in the coed 2v2 then you will be placed into whichever 1v1 bracket has less players in it.

Registered Teams

Mike Gramer
Sven Anderson
Eric Held
Sean Devaynes
Eric Lewis
Donnie Jones
Nick Trupiano
Brendan S.
Eric Stowe
Chris Kingsbury
Michael Kloiber
Nathaniel Spears
Cody Ryan
Dylan Boisvert
Tj Rhone
Edgar Aguilar
Joe Mcguigan
Tim Williams
Rob Miles
Kessler >All
Michael Squires
Marx >Kessler :)
James Taylor
Coy Walker
Connor Martin
Edwin Nieves
Steve Tomlinson
Steven Hughes
Erik Russek
David Zajac
Alex Konya
Paul Halata
Dave Delattre
Mike Denning
Tom Grieco
Allen Porter
Dan Bosek
Rooster ...