Beast of the East 2013 $1.5k+ 2v2 Kickoff Side Event


East Coast Beer Pong
East Coast Beer Pong


Miami Mike's Sports Zone
130 Route 10 West
East Hanover, NJ 07936
(973) 887-1300
Miami Mike's Sports Zone
Miami Mike's Sports Zone


5/3/2013 6:00:00 PM
5/4/2013 3:00:00 AM




Team Format


Payment Methods


Event Details

When: Friday, May 3rd, 2013
: 6:00PM
Start Time: 8:00PM
Where: Miami Mike's
East Hanover, NJ
Prize Pool: Starting at $1,500 Minimum but will grow depending on turnout.

Teams of 2 players
Random Seeding
BPong Equipment
Double Elimination Bracket

Restrictions: NO RESTRICTIONS 
Cannot play on more than one team.


Any ladies playing in the 1v1 event Friday night are not eligible to play in the 2v2 event. To ensure that both events can run simultaneously, you must choose between one or the other. We plan on paying out Masters bids to each of the top placing girls in the 1v1 in addition to the cash prizes depending on how many girls we get for the tournament so we encourage you ladies to play in the 1v1!

Beer: Beer specials during the tournament

$25/person Online

$30/person the day of (if available)

Contact: The coordinators for this tournament are Garrett and Mike.
Please email them with any questions or comments.

Registered Teams

Puss 'N Pong
           Chris J. (VA)
           Brent H. (VA)
Never Heard Of Em!!
           GSP (NJ)
           Thomas T. (NJ)
           Meaghan G. (MA)
           Megan F. (NJ)
Where's My Briefcase!!
           Josh S. (NY)
           Travis S. (NY)
Phat Boy Inc.
           Dave P. (NY)
           Keith M. (PA)
Poachin' aint easy
           Tom C. (PA)
           Cory D. (MD)
Extinction Level Event (ELE)
           Anthony L. (MD)
           Bill T. (MD)
Bracket Busters
           Ryan P. (MA)
           Rigoberto L. (RI)
Lets Play With Some Jam
           Eric N. (PA)
           Andrew W. (PA)
           Josh S. (VA)
           Chip B. (VA)
Dead Money
           Michael B. (NJ)
           Jason M. (NJ)
Cleaning Up Jersey
           Mike T. (VA)
           Joey A. (VA)
Boom Goes the Dynamite
           Mike G. (PA)
           Ryan R. (PA)
           Greg P. (MD)
           Matthew R. (MD)
You Gon' Learn Today
           Rob B. (NJ)
           Mark C. (NJ)
Chips and Balsa
           Mike P. (NY)
           Ben M. (NY)
           Jason S. (CT)
           Kevin C. (CT)
Your Favorite Pongers Favorite Pongers™
           James T. (NY)
           Matthew S. (NY)
           Ricky P. (NY)
           Ross W. (PA)
Droppin' Deuces
           Adam D. (PA)
           Kyle S. (PA)
           Andre M. (VA)
           Mantis (MD)
Your pong game is like Manti Teo's girlfriend
           Michael P. (NY)
           Paul T. (MA)
We are Legend!
           Deep C. (NJ)
           Kris F. (NJ)
Straight Nashty
           Mike I. (NY)
           Bart W. (NY)
JT Swag
           Jason G. (NY)
           Tommy S. (NY)
beanIE babIEs
           Philippe R. (CAN)
           Mike J. (NY)
           Bryce T. (VA)
           AJ R. (VA)
Hushhh I'm Shooting
           Jason C. (NY)
           Nick M. (CT)
The Replacements
           Tyler H. (NM)
           Ben j. (VA)
The Horsemen
           Matt A. (MA)
           Chris B. (MA)
Hey Sexy, Don't Blink
           Chris G. (NY)
           Garrett M. (NY)
Been So Long
           Matt D. (MD)
           Gabe R. (MD)
Riebl Dropped Us!
           Dan A. (NY)
           Trevor B. (NY)
Didn't see us coming!!!
           Corey V. (PA)
           Billy W. (PA)
tallon Knox down another
           Mike T. (PA)
           Scott K. (PA)
The truth
           Thomas R. (VA)
           Kevin K. (PA)
This Shit's Rigged
           Jon B. (NY)
           Mike Vit (NJ)
Raw Dookie Son
           Maurice J. (NY)
           Pete R. (NY)
Double Tap
           Ben W. (PA)
           Jeremy B. (PA)
Blame it on the boom boom
           Jacob H. (NJ)
           Adam 'Dew Itt!' DeWitt (NJ)
Double stuff Oreo
           Eddie S. (NY)
           John F. (NY)
Swag Overdose
           Joe M. (NJ)
           Tyler B. (NJ)
East Coast Elite
           Kyle W. (NJ)
           Vince C. (NJ)
Make Roomz for Brady
           Gary B. (NJ)
           Matt R. (NJ)
8 Dollars Short
           Chip B. (VA)
           Hunter K. (VA)
Designated Drinkers
           Brianna G. (NJ)
           Adam S. (NJ)
           Ryan C. (MD)
           Jordan M. (MD)
Bluntman and Chronic
           Anthony K. (MA)
           Chris B. (MA)
           Chris A. (NY)
           Andre P. (NY)
bitches in a Honda
           Wayne H. (NJ)
           Mike H. (NJ)
No means yes, and yes means butt sex
           Andrew C. (NJ)
           Ricky G. (NJ)
DadZ bar and grille
           Michael W. (NJ)
           Mike P. (NJ)